What is it?

Pronunciation: bæ-trê-kê-mai-om-ê-ki

Part of Speech: Noun, mass


“A tempest in a teacup, a mountain made of a molehill, a federal case, a very big deal.”

Why am I doing this?

You know when you are driving, in the shower, walking to the mailbox, etc. and have that really cool idea or thought but it’s lost and gone before you ever get a chance to write it down?

Yeah, me too…

This is what I’m doing when I do write that idea down before it’s forgotten then run with that idea, let it develop through writing about it in a loose conversational way, and see if a small idea can grow into a big one that creates a chain reaction in those who read my words.

Over the years I’ve had a lot of good ideas that I haven’t heard talked about, or for some reason nobody wants to talk about but are (at least to me) very interesting. Very many of these thoughts have found their way into my journals and notebooks. So here is where I will be enabling those seeds to scatter and see where they take root.

My goal is not to find people who appreciate what I write. My goal is to help myself make certain unpolished ideas shine brighter – while at the same time sharing these thoughts with others who might be thinking about the same kind of things.

Maybe it will catch on, maybe it won’t.

I’m planning on having a new post out weekly, including my “finger art” like these silly drawings you see here. It’s more like the stuff I scribble down around my written words on paper.


About Batrachomyomachy: This is the third incarnation of an idea that I’ve held dear to me for a few years. It started off with great intentions, but was drunk too soon like a recently barreled wine: too young, not developed, and without enough flavor and complexity for it to be what I wanted it to be. The second incarnation was a fool’s errand and will remain unrecognized. Let’s follow up with, “Third time’s a charm”.

If you are interested in this project, please let me know your thoughts and opinions in the comments below. Feedback really helps me by letting me know if I’m reaching interested readers or just chucking words into the abyss.

And if you really like what I’m attempting, please share using the “share” links below.


Rich Leighton
August 28, 2012


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28. August 2012 by Rich Leighton
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