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Into the Blue

by | Dec 2, 2010

As a native Floridian, some of the most mysterious and interesting places I could ever think of visiting and photographing are those beautiful and scenic places in the mountains. Essentially living on a land as flat as a pancake – mountains seem like an alien terrain. Continuing from my last post, I was in the Great Smoky Mountains on the Tennessee side on Thanksgiving Day with the idea that if most people were eating turkey and staying warm indoors, I’d have less interruption and interference with people when shooting landscapes.

Now I see why tourists go wild when they see a plain ol’ palm tree or a little alligator on the side of the road when visiting my neighborhood. I was the tourist this time! I spent so much time photographing rocks, streams, moss, and gold and red autumn leaves – all things foreign to Florida – that I lost way too much time reaching the top of the range for sunset. It started to get dark, and finally I admitted defeat as I completely missed the sunset altogether. Then I saw this….. and was glad I did! It blew my mind!

Into the Blue

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Twilight is never so interesting in Florida….. and never this beautifully blue!

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