Green Jay

by | Mar 11, 2022

Last week I was finally able to get a green jay on camera. This has always been one of those vividly colorful tropical species I’ve always wanted to see in person, and now I’ve finally got to see a lifer up close and personal. This species can be a little tricky to get on camera because they are very shy and extremely smart. I just happened to be photographing a fox squirrel a the time and this incredibly colorful jay just landed in the middle of my shot, chasing the squirrel away. Perfect timing!

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Green Jay

Green Jay

The green jay is one of the most spectacularly colored birds outside of the parrot family. A relative of crows, magpies and blue jays, the green jay is a very intelligent species of corvid and is known to use stick tools to pry insects out from loose tree bark. They are found throughout parts of Central and South America and their northern range just reaches just to the southern tip of Texas, where this one was found in the Rio Grande Valley.




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