Northern Cardinal

by | Mar 19, 2022

I’ve been trying to get a decent shot of a northern cardinal (I grew up calling them red cardinals in Florida) on camera for decades!  Last week I was in near Weslaco, Texas and this handsome male dropped out the trees and landed right in front of me and stayed there for about five minutes. The natural lighting was perfect! This particular area is home to nearly 400 species acts as sort of a superhighway for migrating birds traveling back and forth from South, Central and North American along the Gulf of Mexico. This perfect example of a common and yet elusive (to me anyway) adult male made my day!

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Northern Cardinal

Northern Cardinal

Very common and easily recognized across most of the eastern half of North American and along most the US/Mexico border, excluding California, the red cardinal (and in particular – the bright red male as seen here) one of our most common backyard birds. They are often seen in pairs searching for seeds and insects in bushes and on the ground, or frequenting bird feeder. This one was a surprise for me, because I’ve been unsuccessful in getting a decent shot of a nice bright red male for 20 years until last week in South Texas. This one suddenly landed right in front of me and stayed there for about 5 minutes while I had a blast photographing him from different angles.




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