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Red Fox on Mount Rainier

by | May 9, 2011

This past week I was on personal business in Washington State – Seattle to be exact – and unfortunately did not have time allotted for photography. I was on a tight schedule, and didn’t feel like dragging my gear from the Southeast to the Northwest if I wasn’t going to use it. The scenery was outlandishly beautiful for this Floridian, and I did get a couple of chances to take some short hikes and see some of the natural landscapes around Puget Sound. After my business was as complete as it could be in the five days I was in Washington, it was time to head to the airport. Guess what? I missed my flight home.

A good friend of mine was also in the area and his trip had been delayed a day, so we decided to make use of the day by heading down to and up Mount Rainier. He had his Nikon with him and very generously lent me a memory card, and we shared the use of his camera and lenses. Here is the first shot from the trip up the mountain (where it was snowing!)

The first photo I’ll be posting from this trip is a red fox that was seen trotting through the snow about a third of the way up the mountain. I’ve been trying to get a shot of one of these for years, and luckily this missed flight gave me my chance!

Stay tuned….. many more shots from this day are on the way, and major updates to the website – including a whole new section of  North American nature photography!

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Thank you in advance!



  1. Stacey Lynn Payne

    WOW! Imagine what you’re going to do when you LIVE out here! You are uber-talented!

  2. Theboatlady

    great shot..can’t wait to get to Seattle in July and see this for myself

  3. Beverly Everson

    Wonderful shot! So glad you were able to make good use of a missed flight!!

  4. Gerald Nickel

    Yah…. I am glad you missed the flight too…. we have alot more shots like this around here all year…. Come on back when ya have more times….
    Jerry or Grandpa J.

    • RichLeighton

      Thanks Gerald – I’ll be back in about 6-7 weeks. Maybe we can meet up for coffee?

  5. Jacquee Gardner

    Great shot, glad you like our side of the states…lol snowed just for you.

  6. Doreen Cross

    Stunning shot.  wow love the detail.

  7. Doreen Cross

    Wonderful shot Rich.    🙂 it screams for my graphite pencils.  

  8. Ktywest

    Love this! Can’t wait to see more of your wonderful work and the new website 😀



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