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A Moment in the Great Smoky Mountains

by | Nov 29, 2010

One thing that is usually true for every holiday is certain places are always bound to be devoid of people. This is why I usually work during all major holidays and celebrate a few days later.

This was the case last week with Thanksgiving. There is nothing worse than waiting and waiting for the sun to reach a certain point over an incredible landscape just until that magic moment, some tourist walks out and completely ruins the moment when the shutter is being squeezed. It happens to me all the time – especially here in Florida where it seems tourist season never ends unless there is a hurricane or Tax Day. Holidays just seem to be the best time to shoot in places that generate the most visitors. This is why I rushed out to the Great Smoky Mountains on the Tennessee/North Carolina border in the middle of this past week. I had large portions of the place all to myself!

~click to enlarge~

This beautiful little creek wound for miles among the mountains where the last of the red and gold leaves were still clinging to the trees which glittered over the water. It was the golden hour,  just before the sun starts to set, and the world takes on a golden glow for just a moment before the daytime wildlife starts to settle down for the night, and the nocturnal critters begin to rise. And I had it all to myself. It was a beautiful Thanksgiving!

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  1. luann

    Your photography is breathtaking, as always. This particular photo reminds me of home….

  2. Joanne Beebe

    Rich…you are so inspirational and talented…looking at your work is such a pleasure to the eyes.


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