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Huge Update! All New North American Native Wildflower Galleries

by | Jun 20, 2013

Over the past decade, the amount of native North American native wildflowers in our ever-growing photo galleries has reached the point to where we can’t reasonably split and categorize them just by color. It started to look disorganized, confusing, and more than a little sloppy. It was time to reorganize the whole gallery collection and do it in a way that adds value to what we do, but more importantly to you. Now it will be easier to use this as a field guide to help identify wildflowers you find in nature, find better and more specific images for prints and digital use, and for the majority of people who love this continent’s natural beauty and just like to look at pictures of wildflowers.


All images are grouped in two ways: one for color for the purposes of helping others as an identification guide (we will still retain the old system), and the new and improved system is organized by botanical family so related flowers can be together, regardless of color. From an educational standpoint, you will get a much more interesting look into how our native wildflowers from different locations and habitats are interrelated across North America. Now instead of six galleries based on color alone, there are now nearly fifty galleries (and still growing)!

View the New Native Wildflowers Galleries

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