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Montana! Ground Squirrels!

by | Aug 28, 2011

Recently I travelled through Montana and as on any road trip, rest stops are a much needed and necessary facility when going cross-country on the Interstate system. This particular stop in Saltese, Montana will be one to remember. As I was walking to the building – I noticed a flurry of activity on the edge of the property which had a sudden rise in elevation behind it continuing up into the forest. At the base of this hill, there were about a dozen furry little rodents darting back and forth. As a native Floridian who had never been in Montana before, I thought these were groundhogs. Cute, reddish-brown with grey, and obviously part of a bigger colony, they began warning each other of danger as I approached.

 (Rich Leighton)

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I went back to the truck to my camera bag, got what I needed and went to see if I could get some shots. No problem. A simple wait and the curiosity got the better of these furry little critters. Then I saw how sneaky and devious these little rodents were. One would pose for me while the others would sneak up behind me to see if I had any food. Some were close enough to touch my shoe while 110% of my attention was through the lens. I started to feel like I was getting played! Each one had such a remarkably different personality that I lost my usual “detached biological study” and was talking to them and playing with them.  After a while (without feeding the wildlife) I almost managed to pet one, but suddenly they all scattered. It was time to go, and I got the shots that I needed.

 (Rich Leighton)

I had my North American field guides in my backpack in the truck, and after a short comparison to my shots and physical and behavioral attributes., I came up with the proper identification of Columbian ground squirrels – native to Western Montana, North and Central Idaho, Eastern Washington, Northeastern Oregon, Southern British Columbia, and Western Alberta.

Sometimes drinking too much coffee on a road trip can have its benefits!

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  1. gina

    Hey have you noticed how much larger the Sea Gulls and Squirrels are in Washington, compared to Florida?

    • RichLeighton

      I have! HUGE! Just like when you go up the East Coast into Nova Scotia in Canada. Very cool – especially for me as they are all new species I haven’t seen or photographed before. 🙂

  2. Geoff

    you had me a squirrels, Mr. Leighton!

    Great photos, great words!!

    (as usual!!)


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