Texas Indigo Snake

by | Oct 19, 2021

I’m back from a bit of a hiatus! We moved from the Seattle, Washington area to the Southern tip of Texas in the Rio Grande Valley last month, and it’s been a mad scramble to get up and running again! In order to get back in the groove of posting new photos, I’m going to share with you the very first photo I took. Five minutes into my very first outing into the mesquite thickets near our new home, I found this gorgeous Texas indigo snake! It looked very similar to the endemic Florida indigo snake in my home state, but the unusual facial pattern threw me off and I had to search for a proper species identification.

Indigo Snake

The Texas indigo snake (Drymarchon melanurus erebennus) is currently considered a subspecies of the Eastern or Florida indigo snake and is found in Texas and down deep into Mexico. This beautiful specimen was found resting in a Christmas cactus where it had plenty of shade from the Texas summer sun in the very southern tip of the Lone Star State.





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